Unitscrap.com was developed as an idea by analysts after 3 years of research on various product lines of Industrial, Construction and Domestic Scrap, its impact on the manufacturing business, and the strategic importance of recycling.

Team unitscrap.com decided to float the online Scrap marketing platform after holding serious debates and discussions on the Manufacturing Opportunities latent in scrap, as well as the multifarious benefits of recycling. On one hand, the idea is to help households/individuals sell their unwanted scrap for hard cash at a click of a button. On the other hand, unitscrap.com will help traders and manufacturers to locate and trade the particular kind of scrap they want, as per their manufacturing/recycling needs, at a single online window. 

Buyer or seller, unitscrap.com promises you the best return on your time, energy and trade.

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Got a heap of rusted iron lying around? Wondering where to sell your old newspapers? Looking for the good quality used tyres? Searching for reusable aluminum? Buyer or seller, domestic or commercial, factory junk or household rubbish, UnitScrap offers you the best scrapping deal ever. Download the app and start trading today!

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