Scrap Trading and Recycling: A ray of hope for a Greener World!

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Posted on May 12, 2021 at 13:19 pm

Ever wondered how you can conserve natural resources, reduce energy consumption, keep waste out of landfills, create jobs and improve the trade balance, all at the same time? While everything from pin to paper, wood to tin comes with an expiry date, the corporate experts with their intelligence derived a concept of RECYCLING to build a greener world. We can’t deny about millions of components getting thrown after their expiry but there can be tiny particles inside them with longer self-life and that can be used/ processed further. Here comes the main motto of Recycling: ‘Re-Defining the Value’.

While Governments and NGOs have emphasized the importance of recycling and controlling scrap material pollution, there still remains a lot to be done. Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues with the rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products. Production and development of thousands of new plastic products accelerated after World War II; transforming the modern age with life without plastics would be unrecognizable today. Half of all plastics ever manufactured have been made in the last 15 years. Production increased exponentially, from 2.3 million tons in 1950 to 448 million tons by 2015. Production is expected to further double by 2050. According to several studies, plastic pollution is most visible in developing Asian and African nations where the garbage collection systems are often inefficient or non-existent. And not to miss the 8 million tons of plastic waste that escape into the oceans from coastal nations every year. Being aware of this scenario, can we say that scrap trading and recycling will be the right solution to this global issue?

In this fast-moving world, recycling is a boon to the global environment. It reserves natural resources, reduces cost to firms and recycling of paper helps reduce tree cutting significantly. Though it is highly beneficial, many paper recycling industries are facing challenges starting from the process of collecting paper to sorting, shedding and de-inking. During the first process in recycling which is the collection of paper, 100 tons of paper scrap needs to be unloaded from a truck. However, it is found that a major portion of the scrap loaded is demolished by mixing the material with water, resulting in the loss of components and the scrap cannot be used further. This is the wicked strategy used by many of the scrap dealers where they knowingly misrepresent the quantity to avail more profits during loading the paper scrap into the trucks. They load wet scrap and cover the other half with dry paper scrap so that the weight of the truck increases as the GRN is decided on the weight of the loaded and unloaded truck. This awful act by traders deprives manufacturing units of utilizing the scrap materials. There should be an end to this contamination and a solution that protects the interest of Paper Recycling Units has to be driven.

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